Mental blocks

Mental blocks are the main reason why people don’t succeed in achieving their goals. A great quote from a brilliant man, Albert Einstein, pinpoints the issue you’re facing:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

When you’re not achieving what you want, you tend to have a problem. That problem is created in your own thinking. So you need other thinking to solve that mental block. It is my belief that all mental blocks are there to protect you and have a positive intention, however that doesn’t mean you are happy with the associated behaviour. Especially fear tends to hold a person back. Whatever the fear is that you are facing, it is all in your own mind. Some say fear is an abbreviation of False Evidence Appearing Real. But that’s easy to say when you’re not experiencing it.

Several kinds of fear

According to Napoleon Hill (bestselling author of “Think and grow rich”) there are six basic fears:

  1. (Fear of) POVERTY
  5. OLD AGE
  6. DEATH

I would like to add a 7th one:

  1. Fear of FAILURE

In order to proceed, you need to overcome these fears.

Positive intention

Like I said, fear has a positive intention. It wants to protect you, to keep you safe. It is hardwired in our system. In the early days, fear made man to survive, back then it was kill or be killed. When you heard something in the woods, you wouldn’t be curious what kind of saber tooth tiger it would be. Our reptile brain still has the freeze / flee /fight reaction in certain circumstances. Most times we don’t know what caused the fear. As a young child, you don’t have any fears. Somehow, fears get injected when we grow older. It might be a certain circumstance that causes the fear to raise, it can be transferred by our parents, it might grow within the environment. The problem with fears (and phobias) is that since its intention is to protect you, the behaviour will be repeated over and over again. It worked once, so it will be used again, even though it doesn’t serve you at that moment.

Overcome fear

So how do you overcome your fears and other mental blocks? You have to get out of your comfort zone and the fear keeps you in it. Just imagine your comfort zone as a circle around you. Everything inside is known to you, what you feel comfortable with. Outside that circle lies the unknown. Now, realize that everybody has his own comfort circle. What lies far outside of your comfort zone, is in the middle of somebody else’s comfort zone. So you know it is possible to get outside of your comfort zone, because it is only your fear, not everyone’s fear. Depending on the fear, it can require a lot of willpower, repetition and persistence to change those. It all depends on your why. What’s the reason to overcome your fear.

How bad do you want it?

Let me sketch a situation for you:

I have an iron beam of 4 inches width (about 10 cm), 55 yards (just over 50 meters). It can carry your weight for sure, it’s just small.

  1. When it’s on the ground, would you cross it (without falling of course) for 1.000 dollar?
  2. Let’s put it between the top levels of 2 sky scrapers. Would you still cross it for 1.000 dollar?
  3. It’s still between the sky scrapers. On the other side one of your loved ones (parent, partner, child, etc.) is in great danger of dying and needs you to save him/her. Would you cross it?

This is what I mean with “it’s all about your why”. If you want to achieve something, and your fear is keeping you from making progress, you must increase your why. When you need something as much as you need breathing, there is no stopping you. You won’t do just your best, you’ll do whatever it takes. Building that need can be a real challenge. That doesn’t mean that it is impossible. And you don’t need to do it on your own. I can help you overcome your fears and other mental blocks. Contact me if you want to discuss the possibilities.